Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) Program

General Program Information
The CHDP Program is a preventive program for infants, children, and teens that provides complete health exams and immunizations for Medi-Cal eligible children (ages 0 to 21) and moderate income children (ages 0 to 19) at no cost. Services in Modoc County are provided by enrolled physicians and community clinics. CHDP provides care coordination to assist families with medical appointment scheduling, transportation, and access to diagnostic and treatment services.
To access services, please call the Modoc County CHDP Program,
(530) 233-6311
The Importance of Well Child (CHDP) Health Exams
A complete head-to-toe health exam may:
  • find and treat health problems before they become serious
  • allow parents and children to ask questions about child health
  • help children stay healthy
Preventive health exams may also:
  • Help parents and children establish a relationship with a primary care physician or nurse practitioner
  • Help establish a healthy baseline to aid diagnosis when children become sick
CHDP Program Services
A FREE CHDP Health Exam for low to moderate income children is provided by participating CHDP providers and includes:
  • a head-to-toe physical exam
  • all needed shots
  • a growth & development check
  • a vision test
  • a hearing test
  • teeth & gum check
  • nutrition information
  • lab tests
  • lead poisoning screening
  • special tests, like tests for sickle cell anemia and other blood disorders
  • health education on topics such as tobacco use prevention and cessation, safety, lead poisoning prevention, dental, and other issues pertaining to child health
The CHDP Program may also:
  • help you find a doctor or a dentist for your child
  • help schedule a CHDP exam
  • offer information about transportation resources
To Qualify:
  •  If your child has Medi-Cal with a Share-of-Cost:
  •  If your family's income is low to moderate:
  • If your child has no-cost Medi-Cal:
  • Your child may get free exams up to his or her 21st birthday
  • Medi-Cal may pay for follow-up and treatment for health problems found during the exam
Your child may get free exams up to his or her 19th birthday if...
  • You have not met the share-of-cost AND
  • Your family income falls within the eligibility requirements
  • Your child does not have insurance or their insurance only pays for sick care and does not pay for well child exams: AND
  • Your child does not have Medi-cal
School Entry Health Exams:
State law requires all children entering kindergarten or first grade to have a complete health exam and up-to-date immunizations. Health exams help identify health problems before they become more serious. The exam may be obtained as early as 18 months prior to first grade entry.
Approximately one in ten children starting school has an unknown health problem, such as asthma, hearing loss or vision loss. A comprehensive physical exam increases the opportunity to detect health problems early so that the conditions may be treated and long-term complications may be prevented. A healthy child does better in school!
Low and moderate income children may get their exams and shots free through the Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) Program. About 50% of the children entering school qualify for an exam paid for by CHDP. A family needs to meet income guidelines to qualify for a free health exam.
A school entry exam should be arranged through a child’s regular medical provider. However, referrals to doctors and clinics are provided on request by the CHDP Program.
For more information about school entry health exams, call the 
Modoc County CHDP Program at (530) 233-6311.