2014 Birth Data


Oregon and In-State Hospitals





1.      Certificates Reviewed: The total number of birth certificates reviewed for 2014 was 85.  This includes 58 (68%) from Oregon hospitals and 27 (32%) from California hospitals; there were no reported births in Modoc County.   


2.      Residency Information: There were 58 births to mothers from Alturas (68%); 12 births to mothers residing in Surprise Valley (14%); 4 births from Newell (5%); 6 births from Adin/Lookout (7%); 4 births from Canby/Likely (5%); and 1 births from Davis Creek/New Pine Creek (1%).


3.      Teen Information: There were 6 (7%) births to women 18-19 years of age.  There were no births to women less than 18 years. The teen pregnancy rate is generated based on population rates of 1000 and only includes births, not actual pregnancies.  I am unable to calculate this value due to the low number of births in our county.


4.      Racial Characteristics: Caucasian moms numbered 70 (82%); 5 moms were of Hispanic origin (6%); and 8 moms were Native American (9%).  There were 0 Asian & African American moms. Information was withheld for 2 moms.


5.      Education: 6 women (7%) had less than 12 yrs of school, 38 (45%) had 12 yrs or equivalent of school, and 40 (47%) had more than 12 yrs of school.  Information was withheld for 1 mom. 


6.      Prenatal Care: The number of women entering prenatal care in the first trimester was 52 (61%).  The adequacy of Prenatal Care is determined by a complex formula that I am unable to calculate due to the small number of births in our county; however the data shows that 23 women had fewer than 8 prenatal visits (27%).


7.      Low Birth Weight: 5 infants (6%) were born weighing less than 2500 gms (5#8oz).


8.      Income Information: Births to low-income mothers (indicated by MediCal usage) was (46/85) 54%. (This data was confirmed by MEDS)


9.      Newborn Complications/Interventions: 18 newborns (21%) were reported to have had complications requiring some level of intervention. 





Bill Hall,
Jul 20, 2015, 8:20 AM